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Sheree Walsh : Crossfitter since 2014

I have always been an active person and involved in some sort of sport be it running, softball, volleyball, hockey, speed skating, but after developing osteoarthritis of the knees in my mid 30’s I got sidelined and  gave up or cut back on all of the sports I enjoyed.  It set me back quite a bit, I was inactive and gained a considerable amount of weight but I was able to get back to some light activity and shed the weight.  I joined a gym and got back into some running but it seemed like I was doing endless amounts of cardio with little to no results, and I was bored and uninterested.   A friend mentioned Crossfit Halifax so I checked it out.  I was skeptical at first, I’m 54 and wondered if it was a good fit for someone my age but I’m 5 months in now and loving it!  I like the short, high intense workouts and that feeling that “I’m spent” after the WOD.   I’m certainly not bored anymore!  Tannya is a great trainer.  She’s patient and adjusts the WOD to suit the individual to avoid injury.   I am excited to see what the next year will bring, how strong I will get, how toned I will be this time next year.  Stayed tuned! .

  me2Mary Ellen Doucet : I Crossfit Halifax

The first Crossfit workout  I attended was outside on a hot August morning 2011,  it included pushups, lunges, sit-ups, a little bit of skipping, and probably a few other things, just enough of each to be challenging. The workout was scaled for me and adjusted according to my own fitness level. I felt comfortably really quick; it was like no other gym. I was hooked and signed up at the end of the WOD for my introductory sessions. I never looked back and my life has changed in leaps and bounds. Besides the obvious weight and inches lost, I have gained so much more. I can now proudly say that I am fit, functional and 57 years young! I have been called a powerhouse, pit-bull, little, an athlete and a few more all in a lovingly way of course! I run, I skip, I box jump, I burpee, I lift weights! I Love and Live Crossfit!

The amount of support provided by Tannaya Hantelman and the members of Crossfit Halifax has been most beneficial to me; it is something special. The workouts are tuff, but you always make it through.  When you’re finished there is always a “great job” or a high 5 waiting for you; it makes you feel really good.  I now eat to fuel my body and mind and enhance my workouts!

  • Starting weight – 198
  • Current weight – 139
  • Total inches lost – 25.5
  smSarah Gagnier : Varsity Hockey Player & Crossfitter

Working out shouldn’t be a chore, and Crossfit has its way of making it a part of your day to look forward to. It could be because of the fact that it’s more than just a place to go to for exercise and get it overwith, then leave. It’s a community. Fit for people with goals ranging from losing weight, training for a sport, keeping healthy, and everything in between. I am a second year student playing on the Mount Allison varsity women’s hockey team, and personally, I use Crossfit to train for my sport.

I joined in June 2013 and was committed to training hard throughout the summer to prepare for the upcoming season. Originally, I thought getting myself out of bed to train before work was going to be my toughest challenge, but it quickly became my easiest, as it was something I looked forward to. The workouts were tough and energetic but the gains were well worth it. My fitness testing scores for MtA in September were ten times better than the previous year and not only did I feel more powerful, stronger and quicker on the ice but it also helped my game mentally, and that’s where I believe the importance of the Crossfit ‘community’ comes in to play. Constantly surrounded by positive support and encouragement, you can’t help but try your absolute hardest every set, every sprint and dare I say it- every burpee.

Practicing a mindset like that carried over to my game, where I was more focused on battling harder every shift. The results from being physically fit due to this gym are clear to see. Gains are achieved everyday and goals are reached. What people often can’t see, are the results of being mentally fit from this gym. So thank you `Crossfit for helping me reach my goals, on and off the ice, only so that I can set new ones.


rick Rick Davis : Crossfitter since 2012 

In January 2013, I first started this Crossfit Halifax journey, skeptical of the unexpected and unsure of my fortitude. It had been quite a while since I had embarked on any type of structured exercise routine, (not to mention I have never participated in a group/class setting). I knew I was at an unhealthy stage in my life with chronic back/neck pain and carrying around an extra 30 lbs. in weight. Being always tired, stiff and wearing baggy shirts I knew I had to do something to make a change to better my life and joining the local gym and relying on my own motivation and skill AGAIN wasn’t the answer. Encouraging conversations with a friend lead me to my first consult with Crossfit Halifax and Tannaya Hantleman.

When I met Tannaya in my Pre-Group Consults I did not know how much she would help me on the path to better fitness, but from the start of our conversation I could see how educated she was when it comes to health and fitness and her passion for it was exuberant. From day one Tannaya has and continues to help guide and educate me on my fitness journey through, proper exercise technique, nutrition and above all equipping me with mental toughness to push myself through the journey of reaching my goals. A MAJOR highlight of my day is my WOD, but I can honestly say it sure wasn’t like that since the start. Without the “you can do it”, “you did it”, “high fives” and “come to class tonight” texts I would not have made it through the dreaded start of this. I know this for a fact.

Results speak for themselves; I started out hoping to lose 35 lbs., getting down from 215 to 180. I'm now at that 180 lbs., a loss from a size 38 pants to a 32 and I am still going! It isn't just the drop in numbers that has inspired me to continue on my journey, but the overall way I feel. The Crossfit WOD keeps me engaged, challenged, (Yes…and sometime sore). After 11 months of training with Tannaya, I am in the best shape of my adult life and I am well on my way to feeling healthier than ever!  My energy is much higher and back pain is getting under control as my core strength increases. Remember: You can never hear “Are you doing something?  You look very fit these days” enough!


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  2. I love the new website. Looks great. My 2014 goal is 4 times a week to make it to Crossfit. I love it and while sweaty I always come out smiling!

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