th3 At CrossFit Halifax, there are no joining fees. Your monthly rate includes working with a personal trainer at a fraction of the price of private sessions… and you’ll get amazing results. You’ll participate in a month of exercise that will reshape your body and your mind. Workout 2, 3, or unlimited times a week in a group setting with a personal trainer watching your every move. It’s an education for a lifetime of functional fitness. During each session, you'll get a CrossFit Workout of the Day with extensive coaching to ensure safety, form, and maximum effort. It’s different every day! You will also be part of a community that is supportive and actually wants you to succeed.

  • Introduction to Crossfit Fundamentals (4 private one-on-one sessions  $200 +HST) 

  • Private one-hour session $65 +HST (per hour) 

  • Unlimited Adult Crossfit classes + Open Gym

  • Month by month $125.00 +HST/month  #1
  • 6 month contract 10% discount $112.50 +HST/month  #2
  • 12 month contract 15% discount $106.25 +HST/month  #2
  • Student 25% discount (full time post secondary, undergraduate) $93.75 + HST/month #1 { Not in combination with other discounts }
  • Momma Class (3 sessions /week)  $125.00 +HST/month #1 Additional discounts
    • Couple - 15% (applied as - 7.5% each)
  • Pay Per Session

  • 4 private 1 on 1 sessions  $200 +HST
  • Crossfit Kids - 10 Class Punch Pass $130 + HST
  • Adult Crossfit Class - 10 Class Punch Pass $150 + HST
  • Drop-In Fee $20 (Cash Tax included)
Notes: #1 Charged at the beginning of each month. Notice required by 15th of the month otherwise automatic renewal. #2 Charged at the beginning of each month. Members recognize in signing a 6 or 12-month contract they are receiving a discount on the normal monthly rate. The early cancellation penalty will be the accumulated discount as of the cancellation date. Memberships may be placed on hold for medical reasons or special circumstances and will be granted and reviewed on a case-by-case basis. #3 For new members the first month membership fee is pro-rated and charged based on the Start Date.

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