Crossfit Exercises

Power and Might Adrian Teaches Kipping, Part I [wmv][mov» Jan 11 08 Adrian Teaches Kipping, Part II [wmv][mov» Jan 16 08 Adrian Teaches Kipping, Using the Hips [wmv][mov» Feb 1 08 Air Squat Demo w/explanations [wmv][mov] Back Extension, Hip Extension, Hip-back Extension [ wmv] Back Squat (aka Squat) [mpg] Ball Slams [wmv][mov] Barbell Snatch [wmv] Bar Muscle-up [wmv] Box Jump Variations [ wmv] Burpee Demo [wmv] Clean & Jerk [wmv][mov] Clean [wmv][mov] Developing Pushups [wmv][mov» May 19 07 Dip [wmv] Double-Unders (Brendan Gilliam demo) [wmv][mov] Double Unders [wmv] Dumbell Snatch tri-panel [wmv] Dumbell Split Lifts [wmv][mov] Eva Teaches the Kipping Pull-up [wmv] Front Lever Pull-ups [mpg] Front Squat Good/Bad Bi-panel [wmv][mov] Glute-Ham Sit-up Elements Lecture Clip [wmv][mov] Glute-Ham Sit-up [wmv] Greg Amundson's Warmup [wmv][mov] Handstand Push-up [mov] Handstand Push-up Variations [wmv] Handstand (self assist) [wmv] Hang Clean [wmv][mov] Hang Power Clean [wmv][mov] Hang Power Snatch [wmv][mov] Hang Snatch [wmv][mov] Heaving Snatch Balance [wmv][mov] Jerk [wmv][mov] Jerk (behind the head) [wmv][mov] Jolie's Rope Climbing Tips [wmv][mov» Apr 6 08 Jumping Squats (Coach Burgener) [wmv][mov] Jumping Pullups [wmv] Kettlebell swings [wmv][mov] Kipping Pullup Concepts [ wmv] Kipping Pullups, Step 1 [wmv][mov» Nov 29 07 Kipping Pullups, Step 2 [wmv][mov» Dec 4 07 Kipping Pullups, Step 3 [wmv][mov» Dec 10 07 Kipping Pullups, Step 4 [wmv][mov» Dec 15 07 (The) Kipping Pushup? (CrossFit HEL) [wmv][mov» Feb 14 08 Knees to Elbows Demo [mov][wmv] L-sit-demo [wmv] Medicine Ball Cleans [wmv][mov] Muscle-up/False Grip Demo [wmv] Overhead Squatting Safely [wmv][mov] Overhead Squat [wmv] Power Clean [wmv][mov] Power Snatch [wmv][mov] Pressing Snatch Balance [wmv][mov] Pressing Snatch Balance, slo-mo [wmv] Pull-up [rmvb] Push Jerk [wmv][mov] Push Jerk (behind the head) [wmv][mov] Push Press [wmv][mov] Push Press (behind the head) [wmv][mov] Push-up Standards [wmv][mov» Jun 06 07 Ring Dips [ wmv] Ring Dips (CFJ Preview) [wmv][mov» Sept 15 09 Rope Climb Variations (Annie) [wmv][mov» Sept 6 07 Shoulder Press/Push Press/Push Jerk tri-panel [wmv] Shoulder Press-Push Press-Push Jerk [ wmv] Snatch [wmv] [mov] [link] Snatch Balance [wmv] [mov] Strict vs Kipping Pullup Demo [wmv] Tabata Squat Demo-3 Flying Ladies [wmv] Thruster tri-panel [mov][wmv] Towel Pullup & Variations [wmv][ mov] Wall Ball/Karen [mov][wmv] Walking Lunges [wmv][mov] Weighted Pullup Variations [wmv][mov]

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