Snow Day - Stay home and meal prep a few meals for the rest of the week! Post your pictures of your meal prep for the week or post a picture of an object you found at home to use for some weight! Living Room Snowed in WOD with a Squash or Pineapple!  Warm-up  10/10 double Arm Circles 10 Cat/Cow 5 scapular Push Ups :30 Table Top hold 10/10 lateral Bend :30 Glute Bridge Hold 5 Jefferson Curls 5/5 Single Leg Hip Circles Repeat this part for 3 sets 10 Squats Hamstrings kiss ankles 5 Burpees 4 Rounds-Not for Time Use your Squash or Pineapple or any other object you have for extra weight for a bit more challenge. Cossack Squats on the left side x 10 reps @3111 Cossack Squats on the right side x 10 reps@3111 Straight Arm Side Plank on the left side x 10 reps ( slowly lower hip towards the floor then lift your hip up high and squeeze your bottom rib and hip together at the top) Do not do the Arch if you are not stable. Straight Arm Side Plank on the Right side x 10 reps Wall Walk-ups 5 or Holds - spend no longer than :60 then For Time: 50 Burpees Unbroken 3 Sets  :60 Straight Arm Front Plank 10 Table Top Rocks( At the top shoulders away from ears, retract shoulder blades, external rotation of shoulders, Knee/hip/shoulder are in a straight line).  

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