To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise. Gene Tunney
All Classes will be cancelled for the morning. I am hiking at 12:30pm behind Maskwa, you are welcome to come! The hike is challenging, it will be beautiful and it is about 2 hours long. Open Gym will be available to you between 1-4pmĀ if you would like to come in and hit up a workout you missed or you can practice any skills for the "Open" which is coming in a few weeks! Snow WOD Warm-up 20 Cat and Cow 20 Air Thrusters with a slow Squats @310x ( go as deep as you can) pause for 1- count overhead . 20 shoulder circles each arm 20 A-T-Y 20 Push-ups 10/10 Lunges @3111 3 Rounds 15 Burpees with a perfect strict Push-up( no breaking in the midline) 15 Dumbbell Thrusters (55/35 lbs) or 30 Jumping Squats 100 Double-unders (:90 single skips or :90 mountain climbers) 3 sets :90 Downward Dog Hold :90 Hip Stretch in a lunge left and right 20 Reverse Snow Angels @2121

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